House rules

Please consider the following in our hospital.

Smoking is prohibited in this hospital and even not allowed on the grounds around the hospital.

Mobile phones
The use of mobile phones is allowed in Amstelland Hospital, but not in all places or at all times. Switch off your phone in the following situations:

  • Wherever you are instructed to do so. In such places phones can disrupt medical apparatus.
  • During conversations/contact moments with care providers.
  • In patient rooms during ward rest periods, after 22:00 hours and before 08:00 hours in the morning.
  • If the staff ask you to do so.

We also ask you to make sure your phone is in the 'silent' mode and to avoid causing noise pollution by not talking too loudly.

With the exceptions of assistance dogs, (pet) animals are not welcome in our hospital.

Filming/taking photographs
Amstelland Hospital allows taking photographs and/or filming in the hospital. If an employee of Amstelland Hospital indicates he/she does not want to be photographed or filmed, please respect this request. We also kindly request you to avoid photographing or filming fellow patients.

We do our utmost to offer you the quickest and best possible help. We, in turn, expect you to behave respectfully towards us.
In case of threat or physical aggression we always file a report with the police and you will be denied access to the hospital.

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