Jewish identity

Amstelland Hospital is a general hospital where people of all religious convictions are welcome. Apart from that, it has a special function for the Jewish community in the Netherlands. Following the merger in 1978 between the Nicolaas Tulp Hospital and Amsterdam Central Israeli Hospital Care, the hospital has a Jewish wing which is unique in Western Europe.

For information in the Ivrit language, visit our Ivrit website.

There is a special atmosphere in the Jewish wing and the Jewish rituals are observed. This means that the Jewish holidays are celebrated and that kosher meals are served. Men and women are nursed in separate wards. Naturally, the focus is on the medical and nursing treatment of the patient.

Jewish hospital, top marks and more ....

  1. Unique: it has its own Jewish departments (Jewish wings)
  2. Men and women do not share rooms in the Jewish wings (also available on request in other departments)
  3. No compulsory discharge from hospital on Sabbath and Yom Tov days
  4. Protection, familiar with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation problems
  5. Authenticity, you may and can be Jewish here
  6. Safeguarding your privacy
  7. Kosher food
  8. Obstetrics and Brit Milah
  9. Terminal care based on Jewish rituals
  10. Synagogue

And more:

  1. Kiddush
  2. Display cabinet with gifts from Israel
  3. Sabbath and Yom Tov route
  4. Mezuzah on door posts
  5. Observing Sabbath and Jewish holidays (Yom Tov)

Jewish wings
On both the Upstairs Clinic and the Downstairs Clinic there is a Jewish wing. In these rooms patients are admitted without a religious conviction, Jews who base their lives (entirely) on the Jewish laws and customs and patients with another religious conviction.

Joods Zorgcircuit
In order to guarantee and improve the healthcare offer for the Jewish population, Amstelland Hospital is a member of the Joods Zorgcircuit (Jewish Healthcare System).