Jewish wings

Amstelland Hospital (formally Amstelveen Hospital) was created by the merger in 1978 between the Nicolaas Tulp Ziekenhuis and the Jewish Central Israeli Care Provision (Centrale Israëlietische Ziekenverpleging). Ever since then the hospital has had a Jewish wing.

There is a special atmosphere in the Jewish wings and the Jewish rituals are observed. This means:

  • Jewish holidays are celebrated;
  • Kosher meals are served;
  • Men and women are nursed in separate wards.

Naturally, the focus is on the medical and nursing treatment of the patient.

Conversation room
The Jewish wing at the Upstairs Clinic includes a conversation room. This area is used for receiving patients and celebrating special occasions. The area is also available to all patients and their visitors.

A small tubular case is attached to all door posts in Jewish departments. This tubular case is called Mezuzah and is a sign for a Jewish home. Each case contains the same, a piece of parchment with part of a text from the old testament. The Mezuzah is said to provide protection to those who stay in that particular room.

A team of highly motivated and enthusiastic Jewish staff members in the department for Jewish affairs provide support.  They are active in all hospital departments, present every day and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kiddush can be made a patient's room to create some extra neshama if he/she would welcome this.