Jewish holidays

In Amstelland Hospital Sabbath (rest day) and Yom Tov (Jewish holidays) are given special attention. During Sabbath there are some extra treats and efforts are made to create a Sabbath atmosphere. All Jewish holidays are celebrated; an apple with honey for Rosh Hashanah, listening to the shofar, own Sukkah available, lighting Chanukah candles, reading the Megillah, Passover (Pesach) Seder and eating Matsot. There are no compulsory discharges from hospital for Jewish patients on Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

According to the Jewish faith, Sabbath is the day of rest. This starts on Friday some time before sunset and ends on Saturday when it is completely dark. The exact times of the start and end of the Sabbath is indicated at the hall of the Jewish wing. In the Jewish wing attention is paid to Sabbath.

The Sabbath is initiated by lighting two electric candles in the conversation room. On Friday evening and Saturday morning, a volunteer says a blessing over the wine or juice for those patients who value this.

The television in the conversation room is covered up.

On Friday and Saturday mornings, synagogue services are held in the Meeting area. Non-Jewish patients are also cordially invited to attend a full or partial synagogue service. Of course patients of the Jewish wing can also attend the oecumenical religious service on Sunday mornings. There are volunteers who can accompany you to the religious services.

Jewish holidays
On the Jewish nursing departments the Jewish holidays are celebrated. Additional attention is also paid to the public holidays. You will be informed beforehand on this. On public holidays a festive meal is served and you can also expect a festive snack.

Below is an overview of the public holidays. The exact dates vary each year:

Rosh Hashana

Jewish New Year


Yom Kippur

Day of atonement

September or October


Feast of Tabernacles


Sjemini Atzeret

Closing feast


Simchat Torah

Rejoicing of the Law



Inauguration ceremony


Tu B'Shevat

Tree-planting feast

January or February


Feast of Lots




Shavu'ot Pentecost May or June

Remembrance Day
On 4 May, Remembrance Day is held in the conversation room of the Jewish wing.