Kosher food

Every hospital provides pre-packed kosher food. Amstelland Hospital is special in that kosher food (including Chalav Yisrael) is always immediately available and meets the highest kashrut standards.

On the Jewish wing, special attention is paid to the food. Kosher food is served; this means that the nutrition is allowed in Judaism  for example: grains, fruit, vegetables, tea, coffee and eggs. Most types of fish and meat are also kosher, but not all. For example beef is kosher, but pork is not. For the preparation of kosher meals many fresh ingredients are used.

In addition, milk and meat products are eaten separately and served on separate plates. For breakfast and lunch the standard assortment consists of milk products, for example cheese, salads, sweet topping, porridge and regularly boiled eggs are served with lunch. So in principle, you do not get cold cuts for breakfast and lunch, but in consultation with you we can deviate from this.

At the start of the Sabbath (the day of rest) and during some Jewish holidays a festive meal is served. On these days, you can usually expect a festive treat as well.

Bringing food with you
You may bring soft drinks, fruit and sweets with you to the Jewish wing. At the shop in the hall, various types of kosher cookies are available. In connection with (hygiene) regulations, please do not bring the shop's crockery with you to the ward. You can ask for disposable crockery in the shop.