Joods Zorgcircuit

The Joods Zorgcircuit is a cooperative alliance between the eight Jewish welfare and healthcare organizations in the Netherlands. The Joods Zorgcircuit partners offer joint services and our staff of professionals work together ensuring that all aspects of high quality care for young and old are covered. Care that is based upon the needs of the Jewish client, whereby consideration is shown for the Jewish identity! The care in all eight Joods Zorgcircuit organizations is provided within a traditional Jewish environment whereby much attention is given to the Jewish holidays and traditions. The manner in which this is done differs slightly in the common and private areas within each organization.

Not only the war
In addition to the care provided to victims of the Second World War, Jewish care is also devoted to the post war generation of Jews inHolland (1945 – 1975) and their children. Victims of the Second World War can count on more understanding and empathy from the Joods Zorgcircuit partner organizations than from non-Jewish care organizations. The Joods Zorgcircuit is devoted to providing current and future clients care in a familiar cultural and religious environment.

Knowledge and experience
The Jewish population has a number of distinguishing characteristics. Mental and physical care needs often are related to being Jewish. Background knowledge and experience with the Jewish community of the Netherlands and the Jewish religion is therefore of great importance if the care of these clients is to be successful. The partners of the Joods Zorgcircuit possess this specific knowledge and expertise.

The Joods Zorgcircuit organisations: