It is necessary for your treatment or examination that you stay one or more days at the hospital. Your doctor has indicated whether this is:

Foreign Hospital (MRSA)
If you have been admitted to a foreign hospital in the past two months, we kindly ask you to report this as soon as possible to the relevant staff member. The fact is that you may be carrier of the MRSA bacteria (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). This bacteria need not have any consequences for you. The bacteria is, however, immune to most antibiotics and is therefore difficult to fight. In order to prevent the patients staying at the hospital, from becoming infected, measures are taken if required.

Our hospital wards

In Dutch In English
Kliniek Boven Upstairs Clinic
Kliniek Beneden West Downstairs Clinic West
Kliniek Benenden Oost Downstairs Clinic East
Acute Opname Afdeling Acute Admission Ward
Couveusekamer Incubator room
Kinderafdeling Paediatric ward
Kinderdagverpleging Children day care centre
Verloskunde Obstetrics
Opname Admission 
Joodse vleugels Jewish Wings
Dagbehandeling Daycare ward
Spoedeisende hulp Accident & Emergency department
Huisartsenpost  After Hours medical Clinic (GP)
Dienstapotheek Emergency pharmacy