Going home

During the admission, your specialists and nurse discuss the care required after your discharge. You may need medication. You may also have to follow a diet or be treated by a physiotherapist. You will then be informed about this. Moreover, appointments will be made for check-up at the outpatient clinic and a follow-up treatment if necessary.

The day of departure
It is often difficult to indicate beforehand how long your admission will take. Your specialist will usually inform you shortly before when you can go home. The time during which you are discharged is usually between 10 and 11 a.m.

Make sure that your visitors bring clothing and your coat to the hospital on time, so that you can go home properly dressed irrespective of the weather conditions.

Transportation home
If it is a medical necessity that you be transported home by taxi or ambulance, your specialist will issue a statement for this. Keep in mind that there is a personal contribution for transportation costs. Please check this with your healthcare insurer.

Notice of discharge
Depending on the agreements between your GP and the hospital, your will be given one or two letters of discharge. You keep one copy at home. If you have been given a second copy, you need to hand it (have it handed) to the GP the same day.

Information to your GP
The Admission Ward will report the dates of your admission and discharge to your GP in writing. The attending specialist informs your GP on your treatment and health.

Questions and unexpected symptoms
If, upon coming home, you have any questions or experience unexpected symptoms, please call your attending specialist via the hospital during the first 24 hours after your discharge.  If he/she cannot be reached, you will be put through to the attending person in charge of the evening or night shift. The telephone number of the hospital is +31 (0)20 755 7000. After 24 hours upon your discharge, please contact your GP in case of physical symptoms.