Prepare your admission

Foreign Hospital (MRSA)
If you have been admitted to a foreign hospital in the past two months, we kindly ask you to report this as soon as possible to the relevant staff member. The fact is that you may be carrier of the MRSA bacteria (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). This bacteria need not have any consequences for you. The bacteria is, however, immune to most antibiotics and is therefore difficult to fight. In order to prevent the patients staying at the hospital, from becoming infected, measures are taken if required.

Explanation of treatment and appointment by physician
Your physician has explained your treatment to you and has agreed a date with you for the first visit to the ward.

Preparatory talk for chemotherapy
If you are given chemotherapy, you will have an informative talk with a nurse prior to the first treatment. This talk is planned by the physician. During this talk, you will receive ample information on the treatment with chemotherapy.

There is a possibility on the ward for your scalp to be cooled. This is offered for some chemotherapies to prevent hair loss. You will be informed on this during the informative talk.

Valuable belongings
Leave valuable belongings such as jewellery and large amounts of money at home. The hospital cannot be held liable for missed, lost or damaged goods.

Unable to attend?
If you are unexpectedly unable to attend, you are requested to call the ward where you are to be admitted.