Your stay

On arrival
You report on the agreed time at the desk of the Day Care Department on the first floor. There, someone will inform you which room has been reserved for you that day.

The treatments are carried out in a tight planning. We therefore expect you to report at the agreed time. That way, we can ensure that everybody is helped on time and that there is as little waiting time as possible.

The internal Day Care Department consists of four rooms: a four person room with chairs, a single room with bed, a double room with beds and a four person room with beds. It depends on the planning if you are assigned a bed or a chair and which room is reserved for you.

There are no separate rooms for women and men. The storage space put at your disposal can be locked with a 2 euro coin.

There are three toilets in the corridor, two of which have been specially reserved for patients who receive chemotherapy. See the instruction on the toilet door.

There is a visitor toilet on the left of the corridor, just after the ward's swinging doors.

For the Day Care department no visiting hours apply. The whole someone can present you.
Visitors form a pleasant interruption of the day. In order to keep visiting hours pleasant for everybody some rules apply to visitors:

  • No more than two visitors per patient; visitors can visit in rotation. 
  • Nursing and medical care for the patient have precedence. 
  • Please consider the other patients. 
  • Please consider the visiting hours. 
  • People suffering from a common cold, flu or another contagious disease had better not visit. 
  • Children are not allowed to walk around unsupervised.

During your stay, you are offered something to drink as needed.
The nutrition assistant will come by for breakfast and lunch with the breakfast trolley. You can, at that moment, choose your breakfast and lunch yourself from a large selection, so long as it conforms to your dietary needs. 

Coffee and tea is available for visitors.

In view of the strict legal rules governing hygiene for the health care sector, we kindly request that you: 

  • bring (have someone bring) as few perishable foodstuffs as possible; 
  • consume foodstuffs that must be kept cool, within two hours (this applies both to foodstuffs of the hospital as to those brought from home).

The hospital is not liable for foodstuffs brought along.