Prepare your admission

When you are admitted please bring your own medication and medication list with you. You can request the list at your own pharmacy.

Please ensure that you stock up on paracetamol 500 mg at home before your admission, for any afterpain you may experience when you are back at home.

Instructions for your admission    
During the intake interview at the anaesthetics  outpatient clinic you received written instructions for your admission:

  • What to bring and what to leave at home.
  • When you should telephone for the time of the operation.
  • Food and drink before the operation.
  • The use of smoking materials, alcohol and drugs before the operation.
  • What hygiene rules you have to observe.
  • Follow these instructions as closely as possible.

Transport and assistance at home
It is important that you make appropriate arrangements prior to admission regarding transportation and assistance at home:

  • Transportation after you have been admitted: Make arrangements that someone will pick you up by car or accompany you home in a taxi. After you have been admitted, you cannot drive a car or use public transport as you will not be sufficiently recovered and the anaesthetics will affect your ability to drive.
  • Assistance during the first 24 hours: Ensure that an adult will be present to receive you and assist you, at least for the first evening and night after you arrive home.

Valuable belongings
Leave valuable belongings such as jewellery and large sums of money at home. The hospital cannot be held liable for missing, lost or damaged goods.
There is wardrobe space available in your room that can be secured with a 2 Euro coin.

Unable to attend or ill?
Please phone us as soon as possible if you should unexpectedly be unable to attend. You are requested to phone the ward if you feel ill or have a temperature over 38.5ºC shortly before admission.