Treatment and care

Prior to the operation
Immediately before the operation, you will put on a special operation gown. It is not possible to give you the exact time when the operation will take place. There may be unexpected situations, causing your operation to be performed earlier or later than planned.

The operation
At the holding area, preparations are made for the operation and anaesthetics. The general preparations consist of taking your blood pressure, inserting a needle connected to a drip and applying heart monitoring stickers.

A final check will be carried out before you are given the anaesthetic. This check is to ensure that you are the correct patient, and that the correct procedure will be carried out on the correct side of your body.

After the operation
Immediately after the operation, you will be woken up and brought to the recovery room. When you are awake and the pain is under control, the nurses will collect you.

On return to the ward, the nurse will inform your contact person by telephone and agree a time when you may be collected. No medical information will be provided at this stage.

In some cases, the specialist may consider it inadvisable for a patient to go home. If so, you will be admitted for a few hours or for one night to another ward until you have fully recovered.

Once you have passed water and the pain is under control, you can be discharged.