Additional Care

Mom in Balance
Did you know that you will have fewer physical complaints and a faster recovery after birth if you have a good physical health? Our Pregnant workouts help you with this and are suitable for all pregnant women, regardless of your sport background or physical health. The workouts are tailored to your pregnant body and have been developed in cooperation with gynaecologists and pelvic floor specialists. You will always train under the guidance of a professional trainer, so that you can work on improving your physical fitness and strength in a responsible way.


BarensEnBerken Professional Birth Photography
Birth is by far one of the most defining and most treasured life events that you will ever experience. We capture your journey through labor, your baby’s  first breath and first cry, and everything about that brand new bundle of joy and each one of those first precious and incredible moments of life.


Bevalwijzer consists of professional midwifes, and offers high quality birth classes for you and your partner in English. Our aim is to give you a full understanding of the delivery, physiologically and mentally. During an interactive course you, your partner and a Bevalwijzer midwife will go over all important things regarding giving birth. The Dutch health care system, relevant practical information (how to know when the delivery has started, when to call the hospital/midwife etc.), all physical & mental strategies to cope with contractions, available pain medication, breathing techniques, role of partner, breastfeeding, your first week with your newborn etcetera. Of course you can ask all your questions.


Baas acupunctuur
Using acupuncture I treat your pregnacy complaints in a natural way without any side effects. This is equally effective for physical, psychological and mental changes that occur throughout pregnancy. Treatment focuses on helping you to restore the energy balance in your body. Acupuncture brings you in balance so your complaints reduce quicker. This balance is also beneficial for your child.

Chloé Baulier

Chloe Baulier is a dedicated Physical and Posture therapist with extensive experience in pregnancy-related complaints. Her courses are structured upon three core values: 'quality', 'knowledge' and 'personal guidance'. As a Physical therapist, her courses and advice are designed to prevent, relieve and significantly reduce injuries and discomfort throughout and after the pregnancy. The courses are a short, practical and easy method to provide the learner with the tools and knowledge to be able to cope with the healthy tension to come.


Fysio Centrum Melkweg
Fysio Centrum Melkweg offers Zwangerfit® lessen to stay active and fit during your pregnancy. With weekly trainingsessions and personal attention and life style advices. We also offer individual treatment by pelvic floor fysiotherapist Marlon Huls, in case of pelvic pain and/or pelvic floor problems. 

Praktijk de Nieuwe Weg

Praktijk de Nieuwe Weg is a small institution for mental health care. We offer short-term symptom oriented treatment for one dimensional disorders and longer-term structural treatment for complex disorders. Praktijk de Nieuwe Weg offers different kinds of therapy, including EMDR, a treatment for processing traumatic events. It is now known that a (complicated) pregnancy or childbirth can be a traumatic event for women (and their partners). Complaints such as re-experiencing, avoidance of situations that are reminiscent of the event and increased irritability are symptoms that may indicate a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). EMDR is an effectively proven treatment form for PTSD and reduces the emotional burden of the traumatic event. For further information:

Psyche en Zwangerschap

Psyche en Zwangerschap is a web portal with information on healthcare for pregnant women and new mothers with mild to moderate psychological disorders, and for women experiencing mental health problems during a fertility process.The self-employed healthcare psychologists working with Psyche en Zwangerschap have expertise in and an affinity for the full range of psychological issues associated with pregnancy. They are also Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapists. In most cases the treatment is covered by your health insurance.


Hestia Early Learning Centre
Hestia Early Learning Centre offers day care and after school care to children aged 0-13. Besides our location in the Amstelland Hospital, we have two locations in the Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt area. Hestia uses the Reggio Emilia philosophy, assuming a child is competent. Nature, outdoor play, art and creativity are embedded in our pedagogical plan.
Hestia is one of the forerunners of multilingual child care: location Amstelveen has been bilingual ever since opening in 2010, we speak Dutch and English with the children. Besides the group spaces, we have an art studio, a theatre, a greenery and a large garden. We daily cook a hot meal, with and for the children.
You are welcome to join us for a tour, so you can experience the building and our approach for yourself.


The ‘hypnobirthing’ course will help you approach your labor with a relaxed and confident attitude. Through individual coaching I will teach you and your partner how to have a quicker and easier labor using self-hypnosis techniques. We will also spend time learning about important tools like: breathing techniques, body posture to help ease contractions, ways for your partner to assist you, pelvic exercises, haptonomical techniques, and we can cover any other subject or technique you are interested in. Every course is tailored to you and can be customized exactly to your wishes.


Bumpandbeyond offers Childbirth Preparation Courses, Yoga for Pregnancy, Doula Services and Baby Massage. All are in English and are designed with International couples in mind. Childbirth Preparation Courses are for couples and explore many issues surrounding pregnancy, labour and early parenting. They take place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in Amstelveen and Amsterdam. Yoga for Pregnancy classes prepare the body and mind for the pregnancy and the birth. They afford  time to connect with your body, breath and your baby and to find friendships and support. Baby Massage classes are for babies over 6 weeks. They enhance bonding, baby’s health and resilience and builds confidence in parenting skills, in the company of other new parents.Doula Services provide support for couples during the creative, physical and emotional journey of pregnancy, giving birth and beyond. A privileged role in one of the most powerful experiences in life.


Mother Me Doula
Mother Me Amsterdam Doula services assists you (and your potential partner) in forming your own ideas and informed choices surrounding your pregnancy and delivery of your baby in the Netherlands, so you can feel as empowered as possible. A doula wants to know all about your most honest, heartfelt, true expectations and / or fears surrounding the birth of your baby. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer to a question, only your answer. A doula supports you from week 20, during and until (if desired) 6 months after the birth as your confidante and practical birth planner. A doula can help you to let go of your concerns, support you in truly experiencing the pregnancy and delivery of your child and be the connecting factor between you and your partner or between you and the medical staff.


Pregnancy massage and pregnancy yoga
On a special massage table I give pregnancy massage where you can completely relax, even if you lie on your belly. The massage of soft strokes helps to relieve any complaints and through improved blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients are better absorbed by mother and baby.
Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman. And because during pregnancy you are exposed to physical, emotional and social changes from within but also from outside, yoga can provide support for mother and child. Pregnancy yoga is suitable for every expectant mother, you do not have to have a yoga experience or be supple for it. You can join at any time and follow the lessons until birth.

Sweet Wellness Baby massage and Baby Yoga

Baby massage is a pure and intense enjoyment with your baby. Touching and feeling your baby are aspects that your baby and you need a lot. Touching the body of your baby creates a better communication with your baby. You will understand your baby better, so you will feel better what your baby needs. By your reassuring touches your baby becomes more aware of his own body and he will get a safe feeling, so you can help your baby with the emotional feelings and the relief of having the physical discomfort. So the massage is more than just touching your baby. During a workshop or a course, you can see which positive and beautiful effects de massage gives.


Pure Verbinding
Pure Verbinding (Pure Connection) offers Doula guidance during pregnancy. A Doula is your confidante during your pregnancy and during delivery. She informs you about choices, helps with the birth plan and good breathing. She knows your fears, your wishes, your dream delivery and your plan B. A birth does not always go as you had thought, but that does not have to be bad. The birth of your child is unique and you can still retell exactly when you are 80 years old. That is why we together ensure that this becomes a unique and beautiful experience.
You are also welcome in Uithoorn for a pregnancy massage - on your belly - or for the popular course Hypnobirthing © that you follow together with your partner.