Breech birth

If the baby is breeched, you will consult with the gynaecologist to choose either a vaginal birth or a Caesarean section.  In the case of a breeched baby a vaginal birth must take place in the hospital. The birth may progress more difficult and slower than a birth where the head is born first.

In the case of a breech birth the following applies:

  • The bed is made up crosswise (short bed, legs in leg supports).
  • A catheter will be inserted (inserting a tube into the bladder to drain urine).
  • If necessary, a surgical incision of the perineum is made under local anaesthetic.
  • At the final moment the nurse, midwife or doctor often pushes down on the area just above the pubic bone.  This way the baby can be born more easily.

If everything progresses without any complications, you and your baby may return home the following day.