Preparation for the birth

Information evening for expecting parents in English
Are you thinking about delivering in Amstelland Hospital? Or would you rather have a home delivery but for the certainty, would like information about delivering in the hospital? Then this information evening is intended for you! 

What should you bring with you for the birth?

  • Clothing: comfortable clothing for the birth (t-shirt or night dress), approximately 5 (large) pairs of knickers, (breastfeeding) bra, night clothes, dressing gown, slippers, bath slippers.
  • Toiletries:  comb or brush, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. Towels and flannels are available.
  • Any items for relaxation: hot water bottle, magazines, discman/MP3 player/ iPod.
  • Other: a valid identification document, valid insurance certificate for you and your partner, pregnancy card (if giving birth with a midwife), photo/video camera, telephone (and numbers), a two-euro coin for a wheelchair.
  • For your baby: three vests or bodysuits, three jumpers and trousers or all-in-ones, brush, hat, socks, child car seat.

What do you have to arrange before the birth? 

  • Maternity care: It is important to register with a maternity care organisation before the 16th week. In this region there are De Kraamvogel, De Waarden, ZINkraamzorg, TSN, Take Good Care and kraam&co.  Depending on the type of maternity care you have arranged (maternity visits, 5 or 8 hour care) the time of discharge from hospital will be set in consultation with you.
  • Registration form  (polyclinic birth): Please return the completed registration form to us.

Valuable belongings
Leave valuable belongings such as jewellery and large amounts of money at home. The hospital cannot be held liable for missing, lost or damaged goods.

When do you phone the midwife or the hospital?

  • If you have any doubts or concerns, for example: feel less movement, fever or inexplicable pain in the abdomen.
  • If you think you have loss of amniotic fluid. Check the colour; the midwife or gynaecologist will ask you about this. If possible, try to catch some of the amniotic fluid.
  • If you have any vaginal blood loss.
  • First-stage contractions occur every four to five minutes lasting one minute, for a duration of one hour.
  • On the basis of arrangements you made with the midwife or gynaecologist.

Important: uninsured/insured outside the Netherlands
If you are uninsured or insured outside the Netherlands, you must pay a deposit of 350 Euros in advance at the registration desk.  For more information please see the page on Uninsured / patients with medical insurance abroad.

Emergency admission
Sometimes, an admission at the hospital is acute, leaving little time for preparation. In case of an emergency admission, the treatment order depends on the severity of the illness or symptoms. The doctors, midwives and nurses will inform you about this as much as possible.