The birth

Going to hospital
If you are having a polyclinic birth with your own midwife, the midwife determines when you should go to hospital. The midwife notifies the nurses of your arrival. The midwife also informs them about any special details and the time she will arrive at the hospital.
On arrival at the hospital you check in at the Obstetrics department reception desk.

If you are treated by a gynaecologist (clinical birth), you contact the Obstetrics department unless the gynaecologist has made different arrangements with you. The nurse or clinical midwife (= hospital midwife) will inform you about what your options are.
On arrival at the hospital you check in at the hospital reception desk.

On arrival you are taken directly to a delivery room where the birth will take place.

Delivery rooms facilities
We try to make your stay in the delivery room as pleasant as possible. There are a number of facilities, such as an electrically operated delivery bed and a telephone. You may use your own mobile phone in the delivery rooms. There is a bathroom with shower available for you. For safety reasons the delivery rooms also provide facilities to monitor your baby's hearth rate on a screen. You are welcome to ask for assistance by means of the nursing stand-by system at all times.