Letter of referral

Letter of referral always required
You need a referral for hospital care if you want this to be reimbursed by your health care insurer. Do you not have a valid letter of referral when you come to a hospital? In that case you may have to pay for the treatment yourself or it can happen that you will only be treated when you have the proper letter of referral. This is your own responsibility. In most cases you get a letter of referral via your GP, but other care providers or specialists can be referrers as well.

It varies per healthcare insurer who is accepted as referrer. A letter of referral is valid for one year.

New referral
Have you been at the hospital before but do you want to receive help for another health problem? If so, please remember to bring a new letter of referral.

Forgot your referral?
If you have no referral or have forgotten it, it is very important you ensure that the referral is still delivered to the hospital after your appointment at the outpatient clinic. We therefore request that you bring it to your outpatient clinic or send it to:

Amstelland Hospital
Attn. … outpatient clinic (where you receive treatment)
Postbus 328
1180 AH Amstelveen