Payments Dutch healthcare

Payment hospital
The insurer will pay for your hospital visit or admittance. If you don’t have any insurance, then you’ll have to pay everything yourself - remember that the costs of treatment by a specialist or a hospital admittance can be very high. Read more about uninsurance or payments if you have a medical insurance abroad. For the price list of the most common treatments please look at:

  • Passers pricelist DOT 2016
  • Passers pricelist OVP (other products) 2016

Accident and emergency visit

Take your insurance card for the hospital records. They will charge you after your treatment and this amount can be reclaimed from your insurance company.

Payment GP's
If you are insured with a Dutch health insurance company (zorgverzekeraar) and your GP has your insurance number on record, he/she will send the bill electronically to the insurer. In other cases you must pay the doctor yourself and you can declare the bill with your insurer. The fees for medical consultations are determined by law by the Health Service Tariff Tribunal. The extent to which the invoiced amount for the consultation and visits will be reimbursed by your insurance will depend on your coverage.

Payment medication
Your insurance will cover the costs of most medicines. Always show your insurance card with your prescription. If you are insured in your home country, the Dutch pharmacist will in most instances ask for cash payment. You can then submit the bill to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Payment midwife
Most insurance policies costs of the midwife, depending on your policy.