Uninsured / patients with medical insurance abroad

You are required to pay a fixed sum before every visit to our outpatient clinic. You can arrange this with the registration desk. The amount fixed is €500,00. 

If you are admitted as a patient to Amstelland Hospital and you have no medical insurance you will have to pay the costs yourself.
Before you are admitted you should contact the DOTOffice to arrange an advance payment. If you have already been admitted and have no medical insurance, the financial department will contact you for paying the bill before leaving the hospital.

If you entered the hospital through the Accident and Emergency unit we will always provide you the medical basic care you need. It is possible that this happens after office hours. We will always ask you to pay the basic amounts mentioned below. If the medical care is more expensive we will send you an invoice as soon as possible with the remaining amount. If the medical costs are lower we will transfer the refund back to your bank account.


Amount due:  
Radiology € 150,00
Outpatient Clinic € 500,00
Clinic € 1.000,00
Weekends and/or Holidays € 1.250,00

Amstelland Hospital accepts payment by credit card, bank card or cash (in euros and only during office hours).

Information concerning your invoice Hospitals in The Netherlands are using a certain method to determine the price of hospital treatment. Treatments will not be invoiced by item (consults, X-ray, laboratory tests etc.), but as a set price for the total delivered care concerning a health care problem. The registration of the diagnosis and all ensuing treatments are laid down in a code: the so called Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DBC). The price of a DBC includes all costs from the first to the final visit of a patient to a doctor.

If, for whatever reasons, you are not or not fully insured, mention this right away upon registration at the registration desk or to the outpatient clinic assistant. The accounts receivable department will look for a solution in collaboration with you. Should you have any questions on this, please call the accounts receivable department during office hours on +31 (0)20 755 6566