There are many good hospitals in The Netherlands. You will find University, community and religious hospitals and all can be expected to have a high level of care. Most Dutch hospitals offer the same specializations so that going to one hospital is as good as going to the next. However, some do specialize in particular ailments. Your GP can best advise you on which specialist is best suited to your needs.

When do you go to the hospital?
In some situations, your GP will refer you to the hospital. You will receive a letter to take with you, and you must make the appointment yourself at the outpatient clinic. Only in emergencies (broken bones, an open wound, a heart attack or, for example, if a child has consumed poison) should you go immediately to the hospital. In most circumstances, though, you must always go first to your GP. If you need a GP out of business hours, see medical emergencies.

Hospital Visits
You will find specialists in the outpatient clinic at the local hospital that you can visit for treatment or examination. For some treatments you may return home the same day. If the treatment or examination lasts longer than a day, you be will admitted to hospital and the hospital will arrange with you the exact date and time of admittance.