Registration on first appointment
When you have an initial appointment at the Amstelland Hospital, you register personally at the registration desk in the hall. It is wise to be present 25 minutes before the time of the appointment to have a proof of registration made. At the desk we will ask you for your valid proof of identity and insurance. By proof of identity we mean:

  • passport;
  • Dutch driving license;
  • identity card;
  • residence permit.

A proof of identity cannot be expired.

If your personal details change, you can fill in this form.

Registration desk opening hours
The registration desk is open from Monday through Friday at the following hours: 

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Take your registration card with you at each appointment! Your registration card does not have an expiration date.

What if you are not insured or insured abroad?
You can read more about this on the page Uninsured / patients with medical insurance abroad. You can find additional information on the costs of your treatment/examination and your insurance on the Costs and Insurance page.

Do you have the right to medical care?
The right to medical care in the Netherlands is not self-evident if you are not insured for medical expenses here or if you live abroad. The law (Medical Treatment Contracts Act) has established that doctors and other care providers must always provide medical care for the following disorders:

  • disorders of a life-threatening nature,
  • disorders that can lead to permanent disability,
  • disorders constituting a danger to public health.

On the other hand, patients have to pay for any care they receive.