Waterlinie Health Centre

Visiting the outpatient clinic
Uithoorn offers initial outpatient clinic visits and examinations. In the case of further treatment and admission, you will then be referred to the location in Amstelveen. Take the referral letter from your GP along with you to the initial appointment.

Radiological examinations
The radiology department performs X-rays and ultrasound examinations at the health centre. You don't need an appointment for X-rays on weekdays from 8:30 to 16:30 (with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday afternoons). For an X-ray or ultrasound examination, you must have a referral from a doctor.

Waterlinie Health Centre
In addition to ten GP practices and various specialists from Amstelland Hospital, Waterlinie Health Centre also offers X-rays, laboratory testing, pharmacy, home care, obstetric care, dietetics, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, optician, hearing specialist, addiction care, measuring location for therapeutic elastic stockings, psychological/psychiatric help, informal care support point, (youth) social work and youth healthcare.

Koningin Máximalaan 30
1421 LC Uithoorn

Opening times
Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 to 13.00 and from 13:45 to 16.30.
Wednesday and Thursday from 08:30 en 12:00 uur.

Patients who would rather have an appointment in Uithoorn can make an appointment at the outpatient clinic at Amstelland Hospital by phone. When making the appointment, you can state your preference for Uithoorn.

Reaching Waterlinie Health Centre

By car
It is easy to reach the centre by car via the N196.

  • From Uithoorn, take Zijdelweg (N521) and then turn right into Koningin Máximalaan (N196). After 350 metres, the health centre is on your left.
  • From Aalsmeer, take the N196; after the junction with Noordammerweg (Amstelhof), the health centre is on the right-hand side at the next roundabout.
  • From Mijdrecht and Amstelhoek, take Mijdrechtse Zuwe/Koningin Máximalaan (N196). 350 metres after the Amstelveen exit (Zijdelweg/N521), you will see the health centre on the left-hand side.
  • From Amstelland Hospital via Groenelaan, take the first exit on the right to Sportlaan. Turn left at the traffic lights onto Beneluxbaan. At the second set of traffic lights, turn left again onto Bovenkerkerweg/Zijdelweg. After about 5 km and several sets of traffic lights, turn right into Koningin Máximalaan (N196) when you see the fire station (on your right). The health centre will be on your left after 350 metres.

By bike
The health centre is also easily accessible by bike; use the cycle path and crossing. Access is possible from Provincialeweg, but also via Vuurlijn at the rear of the centre.