Dial / mail patients

You can call, email or send a card to your family member, friend or acquaintance if he/she has been admitted to hospital.

Calling the patient
On admission, patients can rent a telephone from the hospital.  How this works is described on the Facilities page. If your family member, friend or acquaintance has done this you can call him/her. The patient can give you the telephone number.

Calling with cell phones is not permitted in the hospital. 

Sending post
If you send post yourself, please state the name of the department and the name of your family member, friend or acquaintance:

Amstelland Hospital
[name of department]
Attn. [Name of patient]
Postbus 328
1180 AH Amstelveen

Post arriving after patients have left will be forwarded by the hospital.

Sending an e-mail message
If you want to send an email message to an acquaintance in the hospital you can use the e-mail form below. You fill in the patient's name, department and room number and write the message.

After sending the message, it arrives at a central place in the hospital where it is printed. Your e-mail is then handed over on paper to the patient.
Keep in mind that the patient does not receive your e-mail directly but after a few days.

E-mail message to a patient